Wake up!


We are almost 8'000'000'000 HUMAN - BEINGS

Having a dream of a so-called reality!



There are more and more, which FEEL what IS!


But the most of us, BEing allowed as dumb, blind and deaf cattle!


"Thinking" and "perceiving" without BE-ing really aware

what our experience in this world of form really is!


Do you get it finally?!


WE let US



Everything we perceive with our senses.


WHAT we perceive and HOW we perceive


Is been programm-ed in us since eons!


From Birth we are conditioned


to see WHAT and HOW we see,

to do WHAT and HOW we do,

to think WHAT and HOW we think

to RE-act and HOW we RE-act!


Do your homework finally!


It begins in every one of us!


Not outside of YOU

in the world of form!


by Yardley Pearson 2018 ©

©MMXXI Yardley Pearson

created by CrimTech Wirz

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