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Let me give you a ride.

To the

amazing journey

to yourself

Steel Tongue Drum Improvisations

volume two

(Special Edition)

You can listen to every track in full length

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All tracks created in the MOMENT they where played.
I only prepair the Rec Stuff in the Livingroom and
play these amazing and hypnotic on the drums...

mastered with audition

Enjoy them!

Double Face Gold

Tonality: A3 @ 432hz / Diameter: 30cm


Tonality: C @ 440hz / Diameter: 30cm

Deep Sky

Tonality: C3 @ 440hz / Diameter: 30cm


Tonality: B3 @ 432hz / Diameter: 25cm


Tonality: D3 @ 440hz / Diameter: 40cm

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the sound of this brilliant percussion instruments

is an awesome creative way to express


all drums are handmade

by paolo sterzi from italy


take a look on his fb site:

Paolo Sterzi Steel Tongue Drum, Italy

so here they are


every track is unique,

expressing the moment

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All Drums hand made by Paolo Sterzi


©MMXXI Yardley Pearson

created by CrimTech Wirz

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