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Powerful Message

By Katie on October 11, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition

If you feel like there’s something not quite right in this world then you are a part of a growing number of people that feel as you. The author describes this as an imbalance between the physical and the psyche. Doug draws back the veils of the control paradigm that keeps us imbalanced and bound in our cognitive fortresses. This book has a powerful message that everyone should read.


Powerful and compelling

By Mike on August 23, 2018

Format: Paperback

With more and more talk of the coming technological singularity and what the future holds for mankind, Doug Michael's book, Simulacrum, took me down a rabbit hole of astonishing revelations about the current status of mankind. I got much more than I expected when I took up this modern retelling of Plato's Allegory of the Cave. Virtually every paragraph in this fast paced book is an informed and compelling piece of a larger puzzle that doesn't just shake up that status quo – it turns the status quo upside down and inside out. While most people would probably agree that humanity and the culture it is nested in are about to go through some huge changes – and there is a lot out there on this topic alone – Michael has taken the road less traveled in this book as he takes an inventory of our collective psyche and finds it wanting. Our species-wide trauma serves only to blind us to the disempowering manipulations of our leaders that he calls the Consortium. And even if his book takes some dark turns as Michael doesn't reassure us with visions of magical unicorns and elves leading us to a brighter future, he doesn't leave the reader entirely without hope.Read more


Beautifully written, unquestionable references

By Eva McQuillan on June 8, 2018

Format: Paperback

Beautifully written,unquestionable references,cognitive evaluation of false believes ,theology,philosophies, science,and mass propaganda of fear ,forced upon world and humanity for edges,and New World Order.Doug delivers clear,objective evaluation of of inhuman conditions of daily living, imposed on by ruling class .His concept of peaceful revolution, as evolution of individual mind ,and noncompliance with oppression is our only hope.As I call it-generation of silicon minds,hearts,gods-we are only saviors,in mental transmutation.And time is now.Call the book,book of the year,sending it as a gift to friends around the world.Thank you Doug,it is privilege to know you ,as friend and mentor.



Detach yourself from the herd

By faraway on May 22, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition

The author takes the reader through a journey pointing out how blind, ignorant and manipulated we have become as people. The author points to our grandiose ego which willingly feeds into “simulacrum” that plays a role that moulds and controls us and distracts us from thinking and seeing the true reality. We have bought into a false reality and have become enablers of this false reality because of overwhelming control and power of consortiums of mass manipulation. The solution is to take back our awareness and consciousness. We need to see the through new lenses, based on informed criteria that constantly assesses our reality. The author points to the extent of the spread of distortion, it is everywhere. This is a good read if you are ready to acknowledge the BS that surrounds us and controls us at every turn.


What Do You Really Know About Life?

By Kaume on May 14, 2018

Format: Paperback

You think when you come into life on Planet Earth it's pretty straight forward. You go to school, get an education and then set out to make your mark upon the world. You expect that when the time comes, you'll retire and spend your remaining years watching your grandchildren grow up and eventually make their mark. Right? Well, that's not always the way it happens because somewhere between birth and death, you will discover that a whole lot of other people have some very different ideas about it and what's supposed to happen to YOU. This is a book about THAT, and the sooner you pick up a copy and start reading, the better prepared you will be the deal with it. The isn't an end, but it may very well be a beginning.

With great honor

I am able to present you an excerpt from his book


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Chapter 1

Cognitive Fortresses



We are born into an artificial, overlaid superimposed reality, an illusory, psychological prison, a “simulacrum.” The word simulacrum is defined as: “an insubstantial form or semblance of something.” That is precisely the world of the overlaid consciousness, a cheap facsimile. From the moment we begin to learn and develop as children, we are conditioned into the artificial structures of the simulacrum. It is a self-perpetuating, self-sustaining system of psychological imprisonment. The purpose of this conditioning is not only to encourage the individual consciousness to identify and fit in with the system but to actually generate and sustain it. We feed it with our energy our attention and our compliance.

We are programed into the beliefs of our parents or familial traditions. We are indoctrinated with their religious beliefs, their worldviews and their perceptions of reality, which are passed down to our children, generation after generation without us even realizing it. Then, in their formative years, children are pushed through an educational system that is designed to lock down their consciousness and further root them within the perceptual worldview of the secondary consciousness, the simulacrum.

In families that are overtly religious, the psyche of the child is molded into ideological belief structures that only serve to ensnare and misguide the consciousness even further. Obedience and submission are the calling cards of religion, teaching the child the erroneous idea that there is not only some consciousness that is above them, but that it will punish them in the most hideous and sadistic ways for not conforming to its dictates. Talk about psychological tyranny! You exist only at the whim of some remote and removed, capricious “god” and you had better fawn at “his” feet and kiss “his” ass, showering “him” with praise or it’s off to burn with you, forever! The fear that this ridiculous notion generates within the mind is so comprehensive, that it is never outgrown by multitudes of people and it follows them to their very graves.

In between the familial and educational indoctrination, we have media, pop culture and entertainment to fill in the blanks and solidify the walls of the psychological prison, ensuring that the true, higher consciousness remains buried beneath further layers of deception, propping up the artificial reality and further enhancing the inner schism, the internal split, the great divide within. For the simulacrum to thrive, we must remain divided from nature, from one another, and most crucially, from ourselves, and as we see all around us, this artificial division is encouraged at every turn.

From very early on, we begin to develop the foundations for our perceptions and within those foundational belief structures we erect our cognitive fortresses. What I am referring to when I use the term “cognitive fortress,” relates to the perceptions that we unquestioningly accept and which over time becomes our very identity. Someone may exist within the perceptual fortress of a particular religious ideology. Another may exist within the fortress of materialism, still another, within the fortress of whatever their career may be, which becomes their very definition of who they think they are. Of course, this is encouraged by the simulacrum with the intent to keep one from ever discovering their true self or prime consciousness or in other words, who they truly are. The walls of the fortress become impenetrable as we develop, or more accurately, adopt our particular worldviews. The vast majority will never escape the cognitive fortresses and as we age, it seems as if the walls of the cage become more and more fortified, imprisoning us within our own limited perceptions.

In such a milieu, to question is a crime and self-creation is so unthinkable that it is considered a sin. Thinking outside of the perceptual boxes of the simulacrum or goodness forbid, creating and formulating our own ideas, perceptions or opinions, based upon our own experiential understanding is met with harsh and brutal intolerance. In this perceptual prison, existing and expressing within our own selfhood is a definite no-no. The simulacrum thrives on collectivism, a one-world, hive or herd mentality. To be oneself in this situation is the most courageous and difficult undertaking one can pursue, which is why so few ever wander very far from their cognitive fortresses.

It is within the confines of the cognitive fortresses that we feel safe, secure and comfortable, even though these feelings of safety, security and comfort are completely illusory. We stagnate within the fortress in order to feel safe at the expense of our own development and conscious advancement and a major component of this is crippling fear of the unknown.

We must venture into the unknown if we are to survive as a species because the creation of a new paradigm has no reference point with which to base it on in the artificial world of the simulacrum. It will be something entirely new, an experiential reality never before experienced in this world. It is up to each and every one of us to create this new reality if it is truly what we desire, or we can simply remain stuck within the cycle of self-destruction and de-evolution.

The starting point of this creation of, and progression into a new cognitive and experiential reality for human consciousness begins with the individual willingness to dismantle the perceptual illusions and tear down the many cognitive fortresses once and for all, thereby making way for the awareness of and connection to the primary consciousness and the reconciliation of the inner split. The secondary consciousness (the ego) must be removed from the driver’s seat or this is not going to work. In order to create that which we prefer to experience (a new experiential paradigm free from tyranny) we must each individually, through focused intent, and willful action, destroy the cognitive conditioning that has kept human consciousness imprisoned for eons; it is the only way forward and the only way out of this mess.

In the first book of a trilogy of profound messages titled, The Handbook for the New Paradigm, this idea is presented this way:


“It is resistance to recognizing the situation and more resistance to being responsible for the changing of it, as well as the induced feeling of overwhelm that blocks the participation of the majority. The willingness to be responsible for personal conduct and to change the focus of perception is buried within the busy (frantic) schedules of daily existence. Individuals find solace in their excuses for not confronting the growing signs of coming oppression. Breaking down this line of resistance and drawing as many of these into the new planned pattern of life remains the goal. Those of the dark plan have set their focus to overwhelm any human beings with plans to resist and have preconceived plans ready to move toward the crushing of resistance. However, there are none for the coming of a new vision. This leaves that opening available to us, in fact, the ideal opening. Our plan is not to fix the old, but to create the new.”


This passage not only points out the unwillingness present within the majority of people to acknowledge the situation that surrounds us but also points to the lack of responsibility to alter the perceptions and the lack of individual willingness to destroy the cognitive fortresses. This message refers to “those of the dark plan.” There are forces working in concert to place human consciousness even further into lockdown and to do everything within their power to prevent us from moving into a higher, perceptual awareness that can facilitate and act as the catalyst for the creation of a new and far more holistic experience. It really is just a change of mind and a change of heart away. It’s an attitudinal shift, an absolute willingness and desire to stand forth within the self-actualized light of who and what we truly are. There is no other way to ever be truly free. 

The important thing to realize, is that the only way that human beings remain in perceptual lockdown is by refusing to do the necessary work to deconstruct their own cognitive fortresses. So many never seem to question why they believe the things that they believe or examine their own viewpoint. In fact, we are discouraged from doing so. The perceptual worldviews of the simulacrum are so deeply ingrained within the mass consciousness, that it remains a monumental feat to transcend these patterns of consciousness and begin to envision something entirely new. Blind acceptance takes precedence over creativity and contemplative thinking and is exactly the level of cognition that the slave is expected to operate within.

The “dark planners” the representatives of despotism and autocracy that I refer to as “The Consortium” will stop at nothing to keep their systems of tyranny and subjugation in place because the energy of strife, suffering, conflict and division keeps the simulacrum in place and feeds it. However, the cracks have begun to appear and the Consortium is losing its grip upon human consciousness as the simulacrum reveals itself for all to see. The artificial nature of this superimposed mimicry is becoming increasingly obvious to those who are doing the deconstructive work and putting their beliefs and perceptions under the harsh light of scrutiny.

What remains amidst the rubble of the cognitive fortresses is an opportunity, a blank slate upon which something entirely new may be created if humanity is wise enough to take advantage of it and transition its perceptual awareness into a creative mode towards the focus of the creation of a new paradigm based on cooperation and common sense. The power to do this lies within the primary consciousness of each individual and when enough individuals take on the responsibility to dismantle their own cognitive fortresses, step into their potential and shake the chains of tyranny and oppression to the ground, then what will remain will be an opportunity to unite within the spirit of cooperation. When this occurs, it’s game over! The time to begin this process is now.


Right now! Today! In this moment!

It can no longer be put off.

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Cognitive Fortresses and Perceptual Prisons

Chapter 4

The Consortium



“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. Our invisible governors are, in many cases, unaware of the identity of their fellow members in the inner cabinet.”- Edward Bernays


To students of this type of information, very little if any of this will seem new; however, I present this information-based on over 18 years of extensive research-for the newcomer. I remember when I had so many questions and knew something was not right in the world but couldn’t put my finger on it. That feeling of restlessness initiated a massive awakening for me that led to a tidal wave of information, impulses, thoughts, experiences and others that were also searching, flooding into my life and my awareness. It prompted over 18 years of intensive research into the global control paradigm and a wide range of topics, that led me to understand so much, that placed so much into perspective for me. This section is geared to those who are searching and I’ll try to be concise and to use simple language to explain what I’ve discovered over the years.

There are so many great researchers/writers that have contributed to the understanding of what has been referred to as the New World Order and its machinations. They are to be commended. I’ve noticed that so many great researchers seem to be filtering information based on their religious belief systems, failing to realize that religion has been and still is one of the prime controlling forces that enslaves so many minds hearts and spirits. Information presented by these researchers is edited through their belief systems and so prevents them in many cases from making a specific connection or realizing a greater truth if you will. They still serve humanity well and offer crucial information but many will never understand just how deep the rabbit hole really goes. What we are dealing with, ultimately, is either a highly intelligent, off-world presence or a foreign, parasitic consciousness that is extremely malevolent, perhaps both. This force wages war on human consciousness and the battlefield is the mind. The manipulation occurs on many levels. We are manipulated psychologically through mind control. We are manipulated emotionally through the heart and we are manipulated vibrationally and energetically with frequency control, through the psychical. 

With regards to the global power structure, we can identify many of the organizations, networks, fraternal groups, secret societies, political think-tank bodies and people that act as fronts for this highly imbalanced consciousness which seeks to enslave and views humanity as nothing more than cattle to be exploited unmercifully. We are considered resources to this sick and imbalanced consciousness and the greatest resource is human energy or what can be produced from it.

It would be difficult, if not impossible to identify the true behind-the-scenes rulers but there are a few fearless researchers that I believe have come very close. The real controllers do not come into the spotlight; why would they? The place-men and women that willingly serve the hidden rulers are henchmen for this malevolent consciousness. Many in the political spotlight are unaware of the forces that manipulate them, on the other hand, many are fully aware and serve evil willingly. Many are simply drawn to the prestige, power and wealth that comes with serving the power structure, even if they haven’t a clue what they are being manipulated and used for.

Ultimately, the war that is in full swing is a war on the mind. The physical wars, bombings, tension, bloodshed and all manner of horrors in the world is merely an outer manifestation of a highly imbalanced, collective consciousness or a collective unconscious. That is the idea. Since thought creates, the true controllers must continuously manipulate human consciousness to serve the imbalance, and this is done on so many levels and its machinations are simply ingenious. Some may use the term “spiritual war” and that is precisely what is occurring. Human beings are nothing more than commodities to these ruthless, dark occultists and there is a growing awareness that something is amiss, and an accelerated awakening is occurring across the globe as the planetary control paradigm is being exposed like never before. The elite network is working desperately and feverishly to establish their New World Order, so much so, that they have become very brazen, sloppy and careless. What is this elite network? What are some of the institutions and organizations that are used to perpetuate its agenda? What are its goals? I would like to try and shed some light on these matters, particularly for those who may be new to this information.

Many researchers have dubbed the elite network the “Illuminati.” I think that name is confusing to the newcomer, because there was/is an organization with that name, which I feel is simply just one strand in the web, albeit, a fairly major one. I choose to call this network The Consortium, as I feel it is a simple enough term and, in some ways, describes what the network is. Consortium is defined as: “an international business alliance.” The etymology of the word comes from the Latin Consortium and means: “fellowship,” “participation,” or “society.” Well, this network is certainly international; it operates globally, and they certainly form a business alliance and a fellowship. Their business is to consolidate power and wealth into fewer hands and to create a totalitarian, feudalistic, global government which is now widely understood as the “New World Order.”

The Consortium works through an endless web of interconnected secret societies, political think-tank groups, regulatory agencies, governing bodies, corporations, so-called charitable organizations and many other institutions which it uses to perpetuate its ultimate agenda, the establishment of this New World Order, global control grid system. The Consortium controls the medical field and the drug companies that are joined at the hip with it. It controls what we bravely refer to as “education.” It controls the scientific community, the military industrial complex, institutionalized religions, the banking establishment, the media and all key areas that control humanity. The Consortium has its finger in every pie so to speak. The majority cannot even begin to conceive that a conspiracy of such magnitude even exists and that is the Consortium’s lifeblood, its secrecy. It is everywhere and it is nowhere. That however is changing, as more and more are beginning to realize that something is amiss. The veil is lifting away in this age.

Humanity is misdirected and distracted so much, as to keep all eyes away from the discovery that there is indeed a Consortium that is operating to establish its sadistic New World Order. However, as stated, there does currently appear to be an awakening occurring, as more and more people become aware of this knowledge, and a few brave researchers/activists etc. courageously work to expose the Consortium and the NWO agenda.

Humanity must be continuously distracted, dehumanized, disillusioned and diverted to be kept in unawareness and this is done on so many levels. Physically, additives are placed into the food and water that keeps the body and brain from operating at its optimum. This is the frequency or vibrational manipulation. The proliferation of technology that interferes with the body’s magnetic field and its vibrational rate of frequency is no accident. Toxic vaccines loaded with poisonous additives are injected into our babies under the guise of “protecting” them from illness. Pharmaceuticals which destroy the body are ingested like candy, not to mention illegal drugs, which permeate so many societies. We have a banking and financial system that literally enslaves people from cradle to grave. Not to mention the endless wars that steal our children from us for the benefit of the enslavers and their conglomerate corporations that grow wealthy from human misery, such as weapons manufacturers.

On the mental level, we have an education system that is purposely designed to encourage conformity, create regimented herds and to instill a version of reality that benefits the Consortium by people believing it unquestioningly. We have an established media that daily dictates a specific version of events and reality to willfully ignorant people that have grown incapable of engaging in any critical thinking. We have one of the greatest mind control devices ever invented, the television. Then of course there’s religion, which ensnares the minds and spirits of so many and creates a dichotomy that keeps man divided from his fellow man, and rather than celebrate diversity, it fosters illusory differences that people are willing to blindly murder each other over.

The ruling power of the world indeed does lie within the hands of the very few. The real rulers are an interconnected network of secret societies, connected by genetic bloodline, that operate from a hierarchical, pyramid structure and control all key areas that affect the lives of all human beings. When the realization that much of the horrific affairs that we witness that occur around the globe are actually engineered to be that way, it all begins to fall into place for the perceptive observer.

Lately it seems as if the idea of a secret, global hierarchy that operates behind the scenes, basically directing the world in most affairs, i.e. religious, political, military, economic, corporate, medical, etc. is slipping out of the fringe of paranoid, conspiratorial ramblings and more into the mainstream, as more and more people are beginning to question the direction we are headed as a species, the absurdities that abound throughout most societies and the growing feelings of restlessness born of the realization that something is not quite right in the world.

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