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“Instinctive” I hypothesize and describe

through my writings with existing words


These words and the entire languages

we use in this dimension

are nothing more than past

and we try to describe what is so vast


All these posts about truth

on social media around the world

Everyone is pointing to the other

and claiming his or her truth is the right.

As an example, the ongoing dispute about:

Is earth flat, a globe or maybe hollow



I too am spreading information

and taking hours, from the illusion of time,

to research and reach maybe one or more,

that there will finally be recognized

what science, politics, hi-story and everything else

in this artificial system is about.


Yes, many see that every govern-ment,

is a puppet circus


Yes, many see that everything we are educated with,

is a written theatre


Yes, many see that we all are exploited,

since generations


But do I really „know“, what/who I „really“ am?

By only compare all these external influences and information.


Is that what I perceive with the senses really what is,

or only what the mind is “educated” with

or how the senses are trained

how to interpret.


The eyes perceive nothing more than photon’s,

electromagnetic radiation, light.

These “signals” are processed in the brain

and the picture we “see” is nothing more

than filtrated and projected by the mind.

“Educated” by an enslaved civilization.


How about the other senses, with whom I perceive

what I think is reality?


More and more I am feeling that everything I am „doing“

is nothing more than playing this game of not really knowing,

theorizing about everything.


But do I really feel conscious

or is everything the conditioned work of mind,

playing around,

thinking that I am awakening.


Feeling that if I want to truly change,

knowledge from within,

is the sole business I need to remember.


Taking the “time” to be within,

feel the cells of which the body I have,

and everything living, is made of


Feel that I AM that “matter”

of every-thing and no-thing


Energy, light, frequency, love

or whatever word you will use for it


That so called “DNA”, that is connecting every living form

in this dimension


Every cell the whole “life”-knowledge

in it self


by Yardley Pearson 2018 ©