Copyright MMXII - MMXXIV


It is time to see what we are as a species,



From where we really come from

We are not alone


But we must us develop within, and with our thinking,

to rid oneself from all these illusions


They are indoctrinated since our birth

as our Reality


It does not matter if that what I write

you can accept or not


Take it or leave it

is my motto


Although “Take it” would be better

for future of humanity, our Planet and the universe


It is knowing not believing

It does not matter if our skin is black, white, yellow, red or brown


We are all equal, nobody is better

It is our human body in which we incarnated

as we arrived on this planet


All our deities are only concepts to keep us

in fear and false faith, since Millennia


It does not matter whether Hinduism, Christianism, Buddhism,

Islamism or any other religion


They are all only programs to exploit and use our energy


as their fodder

by Yardley Pearson 2016 ©