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What is this for a civilization

We as Human Beings are in


The most of us thinking they “need”

to gather Money through „work“ they are doing

in a system built environment,

to sur-life this materialistic

stupid illusion we have presented


Where we are forced

to pay for our very right to live


What the fuck is going on?!


Enslaved in a self-created

perceptual techno-tronic matrix


Forced through fear of losing.

Why are you fearing to lose all these material

nonsenses you don‘t need?


Now we are facing our very extinction

Because everyone is in this ego driven


Without seeing and being aware

of this very situation surrounding us worldwide


Do you really think that you can make that better by

inventing more and more of all this

nature threating electronica

automaton bullshit


Instead of living our true human natural life

on this beautiful earth, where we can enjoy this

perceptual experience


Supporting each other in the tribe


Without thinking about the bill for your

life assurance and all the other bullshit

you are conditioned to pay for.

Only why you are “educated” to do so by a system

created to enslave you and me

by a few Psychopaths


We support and maintain that system everyday

by doing all these jobs, we are told to do

and we think we need to do to sur-life.

Because we learned that from the same system

by doing all this bullshit for


What the fuck is going on in your mind?

Especially in the one‘s who are working in these environments

where this whole system of control and enslavement is created


Are you really so dumb in your brain?

That you are not able to think, act and educate

by your-self


Open your Eyes and take note of your surroundings

Change your behaviors, Ask everything you think you know

Especially that what the system is telling you,

in his-torical books written and re-written a thousand times

to match the systems plan


Take the potential of the technology you have in your hands

to educate yourself

Instead of letting yourself

be intoxicated by these tales presented by mass media

because you are “conditioned” to do so


Be aware of all this intended fearmongering bullshit

bombarding to your senses all the time


Yes, you are not educated to think by yourself

or feel your intuition

That must be learned and remembered by yourself

No one can do that for you





by Yardley Pearson 2018 ©