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Welcome to the Earth Game!

The game of games.

Here you will be completely convinced that you are a human being with free will and complete freedom of action, speech, choice and thought. Don’t be deceived! There are powerful people and organizations who hijacked the Earth Game long before you arrived and have become acquainted with the place.

Never mind what you’ve been taught about what the rules are.

To the powers that be, there are no rules other than perpetuating their own monopoly on power at any cost.

What is happening in our current reality in the here and now?

It appears as if the world is going insane at an ever-increasing pace as we bear witness to the current cultural paradigms imploding all around us. War, chaos, ecological destruction and the rapid advancement of mind-bending technology consumes our world as we stand on the cusp of entrance into a dystopian future of artificial intelligence, staring our very extinction in the face as we emerge into the post human era.

Be warned!

You will be told from early on that the rules of the Earth Game are for your own good. This is a lie!

From compulsive government education to never being able to catch a breath for all the scrambling and clawing at reaching and maintaining material status, the Earth Game will test you to the very core of your being as it exhausts you physically and spiritually.

However, even as Adventures in the Earth Game can be a startling and eye opening experience, the author Douglas Michael, will remind you that you have a spark of divinity that the Consortium cannot touch, but it is up to you to have faith enough to keep that spark lit and maintain the willingness to let it guide you. This book is a very concise and compelling volume about how we as a species are advancing heedlessly forward into a technocratic dystopia that threatens our freedom, privacy and health. Douglas illuminates the authority’s role in this rigged game while pointing out that the passive acceptance on the part of the general population equals tacit complicity. Welcome to the Earth Game! Here is the closest thing you are going to get to a road map that does not ignore that the dice are loaded, the cards are marked, and the house always wins. But you will be in very good hands in this, the latest volume in Doug Michael’s canon of work about the true nature of our society with a glimpse of what lies behind the curtain of reality.

Consider yourself warned!

Customer Reviews


Amazing accounting of the current state of our society

By Mike on September 4, 2019

Format: Paperback

Once again Doug Michael has hit the ball out of the park. He'd already set the bar very high with his previous works, Simulacrum and The Carnival Outre, but with Adventures in the Earth Game: Observations from the Asylum, Doug has outdone himself. Thoughtfully researched and telling of our modern dilemma, Doug carefully shows the reader the existential threat that our society faces at our current crossroads. Doug's well-crafted text takes the reader through the different levels and types of deception that has brought us here, at a point of an apparent dearth of luxury where our material needs our met while our spiritual and moral needs are being ignored and we don't even notice we are missing them. I have read quite a bit of material about this dangerous age of deception coupled with a flood of revealing of information but I have never seen these two seemingly incompatible phenomena so clearly documented.

Doug shows us in his own inimitable style of concise language how the Consortium that pulls the strings of our society from behind the scenes. This is done through the distraction of modern media, the illness afflicting our collective ego and the ongoing series of false flag events like the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma and the attacks of September 11, 2001 that make a premeditated ongoing war of conquest appear to be necessary for the survival of our nation. And in doing this, he shows us the true threats to western society in the form of domestic tyranny and the encroaching destruction of our western culture through the pernicious spread of Sharia law. There are not many writers these days willing to state these politically incorrect truths so plainly.

This book may well be Doug's tour de force and you ignore it at your own risk. I urge you to buy a copy today and buy another for a friend who is concerned about the future of our society. You ignore the warnings contained in the text at your own risk!

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