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Art of Perception


Besides the photography,

I love to be creative by making music, writings and finding truth

BEing NOW!

With these creations whom I am sharing mostly for free,

I’m too trying to make some additional money

for my gorgeous wife, my beautiful son and me...

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This wonderful planet we may live on

is an amazing place

Through the Art of Perception

The photographs shows you planet earth,

her beauty and uniqueness in the moment they are taken


On this page you will find beside the photography, music and writings

many other information about Life,

Awareness and Self-Creation in this world of illusions.

May this work inspire some human beings

to become more aware to the life situation we are all confronted with.

Yardley Pearson

Artist & Photographer

Welcome to my website!

Yardley Pearson

is the nom de plume

with which I present

stuff like

my own

photography, writings

and music

additionally I introduce

a lot of



Living in Switzerland near Basel

the given name is

Ivan Wirz

and I am

in my mid fourties.

Enjoy the presented stuff

on this website!

All photographs, tracks and writings are

Copyright © Yardley Pearson

All rights reserved.

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17 years of end-customer support experience

in a variety of industries,

I offer assistance with

new installations of hardware and software,

software installation and configuration,

configuration and cleanup of the system,

consulting and training,

home networking, NAS integration.


Whatever comes up in your home IT infrastructure

I will gladly assist you

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CrimTech Wirz

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