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All manufacturers of wireless devices

from cell phones to Wi-Fi Speakers To Wi-Fi toys

have warnings which describe

the minimum distance devices must be kept away from users

in order to not exceed the as-tested radiofrequency radiation limits

for exposure to wireless radiation.  

For example, the FCC sets exposure limits for laptops

so they are usually tested 20 cm away from the body.

Why are these Fine Print Warnings important?

If these distances are not maintained,

people can be exposed to radiation at levels that exceed the current FCC standard,

potentially exposing them to exposures that could have thermal effects.

The SAR for laptops, printers, routers and tablets

should be less than 1.6 W/kg for any 1 gram of tissue,

as measured 20 cm (~8 inches) from the device.  

Because of the inverse square law if devices are used closer than 8 inches to the body,

exposures grow exponentially.  

Thus, at 5 inches it could increase 16-fold,

and at less than one inch (i.e. on your lap)

it could increase 100-fold.

Will following these separation distances ensure my safety?


A “safe” level of this radiation has not been documented by adequate research.

These distances only protect us from exposures

that exceed our thirty year old outdated government radiation limits.

These distances do not protect us from biological effects. 

We recommend reducing and limiting exposures far far more

than these FCC separation distances.

However, most of the public who wants to simply follow government limits 

is unaware of the fact that we can exceed government limits

with close contact with our devices.

Scientific Research on 5G, Small Cells and Health


It‘s about ME & YOU!

About everyone of US,

being in this Simulacrum,

in this System of control and enslavement!

WE need to shutdown this by finally take
Self-Responsibility of what YOU & ME are doing.

In our Jobs, in our everyday!

The most of us aren‘t yet realizing what they really do

in their everyday work they are doing!
Especially the one‘s working hard for their money

in Govern-ment‘s facilities like military and all this stuff!

5G is the term used to describe the next-generation of mobile networks

beyond the 4G LTE mobile networks commonly used today.

5G is intended to be the technology that allows the Internet of Things (IOT)  

to exist and tie all internet connected devices together.

What is the difference between 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G and 5G ?


  • 1G = analog

  • 2G = digital, voice

    • Examples include GSM, D-AMPS, PDC

    • Data, but only as analog modem (using the whole channel) at 9.6Kbps

    • 2.5G added dedicated digital data (GPRS)

    • 2.75G faster data (EDGE)

    • Data rates from 9.6Kbps (GSM) to 33Kbps (GPRS) 200Kbps or higher(2.75G)

  • 3G = digital, supported data, but still circuit switched

    • UMTS / WCDMA, EvDO

    • Includes data but still onto circuit switched architecture

    • 3.5G faster data, added true always-on / packet data (HSPA)

    • Data rates of 2Mbps to tens of Mbps

  •  4G = wireless broadband

    • OFDMA, flat architecture, true packet switched

    • Pure data: voice as VoIP (VoLTE)

    • LTE & WiMAX

    • Data rates of tens of Mbps to hundreds of Mbps

  •  5G = Coming Soon

    • 5G is a not-yet-implemented wireless technology that's intended to improve on 4G.

    • 5G promises significantly faster data rates, higher connection density, much lower latency, among other improvements. More »

Read more at https://www.lifewire.com/mobile-networking-explained-817468

Click here for EHT’s Scientific FactSheets On 5G

Why We Should Oppose 5G on Health Grounds, by Dr. Ronald Powell

WHAT ARE 5G AND THE INTERNET OF THINGS? Website: http://whatis5g.info/

This website considers all the issues surrounding 5G and the man ways 5G

and the IoT will harm  humans, the environment, and our Earth from cybersecurity

to conflict minerals to health.

Citizens’ Cell Tower 5G Information Packet of Montgomery County:

This slide presentation contains key details for communities

addressing small cells in their neighborhood.


Click here to see the latest science on 5G millimeter waves. 

This compilation has included several papers

compiled from Dr. Joel Moskowitz on his blog SaferEMR,

from work presented at the

Israel Institute for Advanced Studies at Hebrew University

and from the Environmental Health Research Team.

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